Scorpio and Libra Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Libra: Water and Air. A sparkling, meaning a good combination, but also blustering, meaning dangerous. The governors of the two sun signs are Mars and Venus: war and love.

The mysterious Scorpio, with his/her "you'll never guess what I keep inside myself" attitude, conquers anybody easily. And Libra likes meeting new and interesting people, establishing connections all the time. But you, dear Scorpio, take everything too seriously, and Libra is too inclined towards flirting to be able to get used to such a sensitive and possessive partner like Scorpio. However, it can be a beautiful relationship if you make some efforts (you have to work on the possessiveness that characterizes any Scorpio).

Let's start with the beginning: you are a Water sign and that means you experience strong, intense, mysterious emotions. Libra is an Air sign, consequently analytical and rational. Libra would never allow his/her emotions to get out of control: emotions need to be held tightly and calmed down. Therefore, affective communication might have some shortcomings.

On the other hand, you are a fixed sign, that is determined, organized, looking for stability in life. Libra is a cardinal sign, that is an ambitious, resourceful person that takes many risks. Surely, a Libra will always look for equilibrium between his/her two scales. But (s)he can rarely keep it: (s)he generally finds it, enjoys it, and then (s)he loses it again. And this might be one of your problems: you want your Libra at home, good and quiet, while (s)he can't imagine life without wandering (friends, relatives, anyone, as long as (s)he doesn't stay at home).

But, of course, all this doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed and you have to let your Libra go. After all, Libra just wants to get married or take part in a long partnership. That's because Libra is associated with the Seventh House of marriage (as in contract, agreement, association). But Libra takes love much more lightly than you do.

On the other hand, once it's official that you are together, your Libra will feel safe, equilibrated and with his/her scales in order. So (s)he'll start going to friends, relatives or just out again. And since you, dear Scorpio, are not keen on visits, new people or crowded places, it will often bother you.

Don't forget to tell your Libra why you are upset: you'll see that (s)he would have never realized that such a thing could make anyone upset. To a Libra, a sentimental relationship means that each of you goes his/her way and you get together from time to time to catch up. To you, it means something like "mine and mine only, for ever".

It's difficult to make a Libra make up his/her mind, say yes or no. A simple experiment: ask him/her a closed question (one that you can only answer by yes or no) and count the minutes or the days that pass before (s)he gives you an answer.

Therefore? Honestly, a Scorpio-Libra relation doesn't really work. If you insist on it, you can try this kind of new love, but you won't be satisfied. And eventually, a beautiful relationship must allow you to be yourself. Think about it. (But don't give up a flirt with a Libra: it's worth it!)

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