Scorpio and Taurus Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus, Water and Earth? An interesting relationship, attraction at first sight. The chances of a long-term relationship are 50%-50% because you are opposite signs in the zodiac.

Taurus is an Earth native, which means (s)he can offer you a certain degree of emotional stability. Astrology suggests that the combination between Water and Earth is very good (the two elements result in mud, which means fertility from the symbolical point of view). Very devoted and loyal, Taurus won't give you reasons to be jealous.

Neither of you is the kind to gather life's roses, like Air signs for example, so you'll probably have a good time in private rather than in crowded places. Taurus likes having a comfortable home, where (s)he generally spends much time, and Scorpio is "idle" enough as to prefer unwinding at home, in front of the TV, and not by going to restaurants, clubs and so on.

The realistic and calm approaches of Taurus, who is by far the wisest of you two, generally make you see things from a different perspective and relax: anytime Taurus is in front of an angry or just choleric Scorpio, Taurus will shrug his/her shoulders and wait for the storm to be over, and only afterwards (s)he will express his/her opinion.

You are both fixed signs so you are determined and perseverant. But when you are hasty, Taurus takes things slowly, and this could turn out to be a big advantage of the relationship: Taurus has the power to offer you both stability and understanding.

Taurus isn't very talkative either and (s)he can often feel lost in front of Scorpio's meaningful silence. You are introvert by nature, but remember that Taurus really wants to understand the mysteries of the waters in which you live: talk to him/her, and you'll see many problems can be solved this way.

Materialistic by nature, Taurus is economical and does not waste money. And you know how to make it, so you'll probably be just fine from this point of view. You both love the comfort of the home, so probably many expenses will be oriented in that direction.

Taurus is a patient person, so (s)he'll listen to anything you tell him/her and (s)he'll try to understand everything that goes on in your soul. Even if Taurus sometimes doesn't have the same preferences as you do, the fact that you communicate so well makes you find common ground.

Sexually, Taurus is an expert of shapes, therefore of touching. Taurus will make Scorpio's dreams come true, in spite of the fact that Scorpio reaches an intensity of feelings that other sun signs can hardly understand. Physical love is a rather spiritual experience to you. Any reasonable Taurus will need some time to understand that. But the sensuality and the patience characteristic of Taurus make him/her the ideal partner for a volcanic Scorpio.

The only problem that you could have appears if you start arguing, because you are both stubborn signs: you have a very strong will, and Taurus is really headstrong so neither of you will give up very easily. You both want to be in charge, and this might lead to collision, because Taurus won't change. In fact, as an Earth sign, Taurus finds it hard to make any kind of change, even if it's something very simple: the immobility characteristic of the element lends him/her a sort of displeasure against changes.

But Taurus is not just an Earth sign, (s)he is also the sun sign that opposes Scorpio on the zodiac circle. That's why it is possible for these domination problems to get out of proportion, so pay attention to excesses!

Therefore, a Scorpio-Taurus relationship has good chances to succeed on the condition that each of you tries to give up a little in critical moments.

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