Virgo and Aries Love Compatibility

Virgo and Aries. Earth and wild Fire? You'd better not...

Indeed, Aries is the smartest, the most courageous, the most ... Aries fascinated you from the beginning. No wonder, that's what an Aries knows best, to fascinate while changing the world! (S)He has the craziest ideas, (s)he dresses very well, (s)he has style and everything, (s)he needs to be royal, and all because (s)he's an Aries.

It's understandable that you fell in love with an Aries. This sunsign has many of the qualities you appreciate the most. But think of all the flaws that get on your nerves! Every time you want to discuss, plan and think a little more, your Aries goes headfirst into the action. Aries is a sign that prefers doing rather than talking. Aries is too impulsive for Virgo's Earthly calm. Aries is Fire, isn't (s)he?

Moreover, Aries will take your reserve or polite shyness as inhibition, (s)he will believe you have complexes and will think you are a little antisocial for his/her taste. Aries is the most glamorous in society and that's where Aries likes being, among people. On the other hand, you feel relaxed in the middle of nature or any place that is not crowded. So problems could appear at your very first date: WHERE are you going?

Aries is very impetuous, generous, but thoughtless, too, and that will arouse your eternal criticism. And guess what doesn't a Fire sign like...? Yes, being criticized. Especially by the master of details, that is by Virgo.

Speaking of masters, you will be the one leading the fashion in your relationship, although it may seem that Aries decides everything. That's because you think 15 times before doing something, because you have to try to be more flexible and understand Aries and his/her pleasure for adventure.

Virgo has clear standards and is very tidy and persevering, like a true Earth sign. But Aries needs someone to approve/admire/praise/applaud him/her for everything (s)he does, not someone to tell him/her that (s)he has forgotten some insignificant detail. Aries doesn't need anyone to tell him/her that (s)he hasn't got any solutions, but a mere idea. Moreover, although Aries really wants to understand you, you hardly begin to explain to him/her your complicated inner world, when your Aries hurries to say: "I've got the idea".

Aries is a passionate native, and you will get along very well sexually. But most probably, not at the first try. Maybe at the second or the third. Don't be surprised if Aries flirts from time to time. This does not fit your standards, of course, but Aries means no harm: that's just the way (s)he is. Aries is very devoted and, paradoxically, (s)he flirts just to feel appreciated. Aries needs applause and appreciation all the time.

So, can a peaceful and self-restrained Virgo stay by the side of an Aries, the "force of life in action"? Patience. Much patience. It could be a beautiful relationship, if you both were patient with each other. And if you tried to communicate more often.

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