Virgo and Libra Love Compatibility

Virgo and Libra, Earth and Air?

If you fell in love with a Libra, that means you are willing, as a Virgo, to make some serious efforts to have more fun, to put seriousness aside and socialize more.

Virgo and Libra couldn't be more different from each other... While Libra always finds a way of cutting down the amount of work, Virgo takes his/her job very seriously, sometimes too seriously. Of course, from a temperate Virgo's point of view, that is sheer shallowness.

Libra likes spending, going to parties (or being among people, anyway) and being in the spotlight. Virgo starts criticizing, and Libra feels hurt. Then, Virgo tries to dominate and change Libra's nature that seems too wild to him/her. And Libra gets upset. You, dear Virgo, are a reserved, practical person that keeps his/her feet on the ground, and Libra will take it as a frontal attack.

Virgo, on the other hand, is very neat. Even when the office or the house is not very tidy, a Virgo knows exactly where each thing is. It's his/her world. Now let's imagine a Libra making his/her appearance... (S)He is all dressed up when (s)he leaves the house: elegance and style. Libra is charming with his/her romanticism. That's because Libra is very good at starting something, not at finishing it.

In a steady relationship, untidiness is the key word to a Libra. Not all Libras are as untidy, but too often it is more important to Libras what they do outside the house rather than what goes on inside. The lack of tidiness in a Libra's life, even emotionally speaking sometimes, can make any Virgo leave in a minute.

You both are analytical and cerebral, and neither of you is too sentimental. In bed, let your Libra set his/her imagination free and try to be more relaxed. Libras are real wizards when it comes to romantic atmosphere and they have a quality anyone would envy: even after they have lived for years and years with the same person, they are as romantic as they were in the beginning.

Virgo and Libra are not a classical couple in astrology, but with a little effort, especially from your part, dear Virgo, the relationship can become interesting. You should be more relaxed - nothing happens if you do not meet a deadline, you'll see - and you should show some spirit of adventure so you can live your life.

Virgo and Libra have so many different characteristics that you will enjoy discovering each other every day. And don't be upset if your Libra spends too much, just offer to be the one handling the money.

Therefore, a Virgo-Libra relationship is worth trying.

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