Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces? Is there "sensible poetry"? You are opposite signs in the zodiac, so it is either heaven on earth or hell... Most probably, both of them!

To you, dear Virgo, love means safety and intellectual and spiritual compatibility. Even the physical contact has to show compatibility. To Pisces, love is something like a torrent, a waterfall, huge waves, something that is the centre of everything. Indeed, the attraction will probably be magnetical at first (you know, the opposites...), but the laws of physics don't always work in astrology and the attraction will soon disappear when you see how different from each other you are. The main problem you two have? Pisces doesn't really know what side of reality (s)he is swimming in.

The good news? Pisces gets along well with almost anybody, for Pisces is a very sympathetic sign. But... You know what you want very well and you also know how to ask for it (insistently). Pisces always has some music in his/her mind and (s)he simply cannot pay attention ONLY to what you say, for your your Pisces has other rhythms to listen to and (s)he lives to them. As a Water sign, Pisces is emotional, sentimental, and (s)he has his/her head in the clouds. And this is too much for a sensible, tidy and realistic Virgo!

In addition, Pisces is rather altruistic (and (s)he often takes it too far) and (s)he doesn't care if (s)he is taken advantage of. You will also be bothered by the kind of relationships your Pisces establishes with the people around him/her, it's like (s)he doesn't know how to use all his/her qualities.

In fact, each of you has many of the qualities that the other one lacks (yes, that's the idea: not even a Virgo is perfect). Pisces is creative, imaginative and you will probably be fascinated by his/her mysterious personality (s)he doesn't even try to show. You are a realistic native, which could bring some order in Pisces' life, provided that you don't try to impose yourself too obviously, otherwise your Pisces will look for other waters to swim in.

As a mutable Water sign, Pisces is meant to understand what hasn't been said and, in his/her turn, your Pisces will be fascinated by all your ideas, by your analytical mind (because (s)he wishes (s)he had something like that). Pisces is vague in everything (s)he does while you are preciseness itself. When you are strict, Pisces is flexible.

It sounds nice, indeed, and you could do many things together, on the condition that you accept each other's differences and try to give in a little. It is you who should try harder to understand the way this native sees or, better, feels the world.

Since you are a mutable sign too, flexibility should be easier to apply. Remember that while order is the foundation of the world to you, Pisces can very well live in chaos (it is said that it stimulates his/her mind). What does Pisces care that the costs of utilities have to be paid? Your Pisces has to buy some book, a Chinese vase or blinds, or (s)he is just busy: (s)he has to think or dream.

Pisces' inactivity could be another source of stress for you. As long as you realize that Pisces is, in fact, recharging his/her batteries in those moments, and you let him/her do that, you won't have arguments. The problems appear when the above critical Virgo (that is you) starts tidying and systematizing Pisces' life, trying to make him/her live by Virgo's own patterns.

Financially, Pisces is a kind of walking disaster. It's not that Pisces doesn't know how to make money, but (s)he doesn't care about it too much and (s)he doesn't struggle to earn more. Pisces works for other causes such as the undying soul, a bronze statue in the centre of the town, the human kind's welfare... And (s)he spends so much that it scares you. The biggest problems could come from here, at least until you train or educate your Pisces.

Sexually, because of the fact that you are opposite sun signs, it will probably be something like a cloud burst. The first, the second, and maybe the third time... because afterwards Pisces' extravagant taste will make you wonder ("is this normal or not?"). This will happen because as soon as Pisces gets used to someone, his/her shyness and reserve disappear and his/her inner self starts manifesting. And his/her sexual preferences are often a little strange.

Therefore, a Virgo-Pisces relationship is either excellent, or terrible. But you will figure it out very soon.

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