Virgo and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Virgo and Sagittarius? The ant and the cricket! The philosophical question is whether these two creatures, each of them noble in his/her own way (notice to the Virgo ants: it's not easy to discuss philosophy all day long!) can get along, and for how long.

In a nutshell? Your utilities are three months overdue but you could go to the seaside with that money. Tough choice... Virgo pays the utilities, Sagittarius goes to the seaside.

A Virgo would be better off by him/herself! It's understandable that Sagittarius is called the sign of bachelors (not of spinsters, though). It's true that if you have some well placed planets, you could get along. For a while.

With all the planets placed strategically in all the essential corners, you could last even more. But eventually neither of you will feel very well, there is always something missing.

Virgo is an Earth sign, Sagittarius is a Fire sign. This combination gives the finest clay pots, indeed, but in time and at smouldering fire. But Sagittarius is too eager to know, to find out, to conquer and move from one place to another and (s)he doesn't have time to mould a special clay such as yourself. For one has to admit that Virgo is a shier and more reserved person.

Sagittarius is just the opposite. Sagittarius is the philosopher that has no time to explore feelings; to Sagittarius, faithfulness is a mere concept and morality is questionable because people created it - and (s)he'll just keep it that way and you'll get nowhere.

You were probably attracted to each other because you like talking about all sorts of things. But with Sagittarius, this is where everything stops most of the times.

Sagittarius' principle is freedom, while yours is stability. Somehow, these two things don't go together for a long time. Of course it can work, but ONLY if you offer your Sagittarius a bigger cage - as big as a medium-sized town - in which (s)he can manifest, and only if you are able to accept Sagittarius' need to move around, meet people and discover something new all the time. But a Virgo cannot live in such an environment, it eventually makes him/her feel disorganized.

The idea itself of a "long-term relationship" or of "going steady" sends shivers down Sagittarius' back, so tempting him/her won't be easy. But is it worth it? How much is it worth changing for the other, and how many compromises should you make?

A mean piece of advice: don't tell anybody (especially if your Sagittarius is around) that you "are together", you'd better try something like "well, yes, we sometimes go out together". That's freedom to a Sagittarius: if (s)he hears anything about stability, (s)he will make a run for it.

And, of course, Virgo's precious and legendary meticulousness will be to a Sagittarius just like pearls to the swine. That means not only will (s)he get angry and fly off the handle, but there will also be fire, because Sagittarius is a Fire sign, remember?

In conclusion, a Virgo-Sagittarius relationship could work but the effort to make it work might seem too big after a while. But if you really want to, understand this: Sagittarius is the optimistic, the philosopher and the free spirit. Get out of his/her way as often as possible and it will work. Heading for what? Sagittarius alone knows that.

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