Virgo and Taurus Love Compatibility

Virgo and Taurus. Earth and Earth again? A happy relationship, although not very exciting, and a serious and stabile marriage.

Why? Because Virgo and Taurus have almost the same ideals and passions. Practical, realistic, without longing for strange adventures and funny experiences, you both want a safe future and you are both "domestic". Oh, you also have the passion of making - saving money. So, if you decide to stay with a Taurus, there will never be problems with communication between you two.

Your rationality goes with Taurus' fierce, though gentle insistence very well. Moreover, Taurus is diligent and hardworking and (s)he will always agree with you on the practical issues. Taurus doesn't mind your criticism because (s)he is a good analyst.

But Taurus is also rather impulsive and (s)he often sees red with anger... Although (s)he gets over it very quickly, the sensitive Virgo could feel hurt at these outbursts.

You, a sunsign governed by Mercury, cannot fall in love with somebody unless you fall in love with his/her mind and have the feeling of stability. Taurus will offer you, indeed, stability, equilibrium and ardent passion, because Taurus is governed by the planet of love, Venus. Taurus is very faithful, but attention, (s)he always pays his/her debts - and not only when it comes to money.

Of course, since we're talking about a mutable sign and a fixed one, misunderstandings should be solved very quickly: when one of you doesn't give in, the other does it. The only small problem in this relationship is stubbornness. If both you and your Taurus get over it, all the happiness in the world is yours.

Sexually, Taurus is a master of making love with passion and ardour and (s)he gets very involved in a relationship. Taurus is also very possessive, but you will like it because Virgo enjoys feeling spoiled and belonging to someone.

A relation dominated by Earth alone can become a little dull sometimes, so it is your task to take the initiative of going out or spending time outdoors, if you want to take your Taurus out of the fold. You are both a little too easy-going and although it is one of the things bringing you together, at some point it can become an obstacle in exploring other sides of the relation.

In brief, Taurus is made to be your partner. So keep him/her.

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