Virgo and Virgo Love Compatibility

Two Virgos? Isn't it called Eden? Or Paradise? Something like that, anyway...

The relations between natives of the same sun sign are sometimes rather strange. But things seem to work just fine between two Virgos. It often happens that one of you is the atypical Virgo and the other is the "classical", the more obedient Virgo. Your relation can be interesting and exciting as long as the two perfectionists of the zodiac refrain from finding flaws and criticizing all the time (it's for the good of the other, we know that, but still...).

You both are responsible people and spending too much on trifles doesn't even cross your mind. You both enjoy talking, analyzing and dissecting everything, and I pity your poor neighbours (it's called gossip around here, but there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you remember that nobody is perfect).

As sunsigns governed by Mercury, the quick silver and the Gods' public crier, it's obvious that your mind always works and you always have something to do, especially at work. THAT could be a little problem between two Virgos. Because this is where work lands: between you two, drifting you apart and leaving you no time for something else.

Normally, two Virgos could do together any business that requires meticulousness (such as a law office or an accountancy company). You both are the kind of people that live at a more intellectual level, and sex comes... well, not first or second, anyway.

You might have some arguments about the eternal question "who's the boss around here?". But you have too much in common and you are much too rational and cerebral so you will yield in turns, as you should do.

The important thing is that next to a Virgo just like yourself you will never get bored or feel betrayed. Your Virgo is as faithful as you are and you think alike. You are as idealistic as one can be but, at the same time, you both have enough realism and practical sense to realize what can and cannot be changed about the other.

Finally, you have a partner that doesn't complain about your staying too much at work, because that's where your Virgo spends his/her time, too. That's a little too much, indeed.

Don't forget, it can really become a problem: every time I see a Virgo grumble to him/herself about something (s)he has to do at work the next day (and, at the same time, there are two people kissing on TV, but Virgo has no time for such things...), I feel like telling him/her to take a break. Nothing happens if you leave the office for a while, if you leave your problems at the door when you come home and so on and so forth.

But, as you are both Virgos, you have this belief that life is not worth being lived if you are not always useful. Fancy that! You should hold hands and spend the Sunday in the park without doing anything useful just to see how good it is.

It's no joke when it comes to Virgos, and when there are two of them, it's written law office all over you: all you know is work and discussions, discussions and work, helping friends, doing things around the house, and ... no sex.

By the way, sex! You are both shy and reserved and it will probably take you some time to get to that, and it's highly probable that, by the time you finish analyzing the philosophical issue number 17, you will decide to watch a movie instead.

Seriously, though, you will probably feel excellent together in bed because Virgo is a sign that relies on tenderness more than on eroticism. That means Virgo unleashes successfully if (s)he is absolutely certain that the partner is his/hers only and (s)he doesn't cheat on him/her or look at other men or women, because Virgo seldom unleashes simply for the sake of the physical passion. You are both "verbal" signs (and oral, since we're talking about symbols and sex) so sex will become more pleasant than in the beginning once you've started feeling safe with each other.

Therefore, a Virgo-Virgo relationship has good chances to succeed if you leave your work problems aside and try to spell as often as possible: r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n.

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