Medieval Names Meanings 2023

Full list of Medieval names with meanings and origin. On this page published popular 2023 names for boys and girls.

Popular Medieval Names 2023

Name: Gender: Category:
Ode m Medieval English
Daw m Medieval English
Roland m Dutch, Medieval French, English, French, German, Hungarian, Georgian, Swedish, Polish
Tomila f Medieval Slavic
Radoslava f Serbian, Czech, Bulgarian, Medieval Slavic
Vauquelin m Medieval French
Radoslav m Serbian, Macedonian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Bulgarian, Medieval Slavic
Wymond m Medieval English
Malle f Estonian, Medieval English
Mac Beatha m Medieval Scottish
Dalibor m Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic
Jackin m Medieval English
Mack m Medieval English
Bate m Medieval English
Mundzuk m Medieval Turkic
Aalis f Medieval French
Dicun m Medieval English
Rohese f Medieval English
Sence f Medieval Spanish
Ximeno m Medieval Spanish

Medieval Names by Gender

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All Medieval Names 2023

Name: Gender: Category:
Aalis f Medieval French
Achard m Old Norman
Addy m Medieval English
Aengus m Medieval Irish
Ailín m Medieval Irish
Aithbhreac f Medieval Scottish
Aldith f Medieval English
Aldreda f Medieval English
Aldus m & f Medieval English
Aleksandru m Medieval Slavic
Aloys m Medieval Occitan
Amé m Medieval French
Amée f Medieval French
Amice f Medieval English
Amis m Medieval French, Medieval English
Ankarl m Old Danish
Arlotto m Medieval Italian
Arthfael m Medieval Welsh
Athanasi m Medieval Slavic
Bate m Medieval English
Berislav m Croatian, Medieval Slavic
Blazh m Medieval Slavic
Bogdan m Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic
Bogdana f Serbian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic
Bogumil m Medieval Slavic
Bogumir m Medieval Slavic
Boguslav m Medieval Slavic
Boleslav m Czech, Medieval Slavic, Russian (Archaic)
Borislav m Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic
Borisu m Medieval Slavic