Capricorn Zodiac Sign Personality

Birthdates:December 21 - January 19
Element of the Capricorn zodiac sign:Earth
Astrological quality of the Capricorn zodiac sign:Cardinal (i.e. activity)
Ruling Planet:Saturn
Career Planet:Venus
Love Planet:Moon
Money Planet:Uranus
Planet of Communications:Neptune
Planet of Health and Work:Mercury
Planet of Home and Family Life:Mars
Planet of Spirituality:Jupiter
Colours of the Capricorn zodiac sign:black, indigo
Gems of the Capricorn zodiac sign:black onyx
Metals of the Capricorn zodiac sign:lead
Best day of the week for Capricorn zodiac sign:Saturday
Strongest virtues of the Capricorn zodiac sign:sense of duty, organization, perseverance, patience
Deepest need of the Capricorn zodiac sign:to take charge and manage
Weaknesses of the Capricorn zodiac sign:negative thoughts, depression, undue materialism

Capricorn General Characteristics

The Capricorns although generally shy and introverted can go far and beyond when it comes to any obstacle that they may have been facing or are likely to face. They have the power to go the distance and make it worthwhile. These gods who oversee time and dedication make sure that one facilitates the other which is why they are so ambitious and are committed to whatever they do. Capricorns are those personalities that are used to dealing more in business than in their relationships.

The sign that has been given to them has been done so due to a special reason, goats will be goats after all. Both Capricorn men and women have the tendency to go ahead about their own business and still not meet their partners because they are so engrossed in moping around. These goats like to roam their mountains, eat their respective patches of grass and be done with it.

The reason that these mighty goats feel the need to be in control is because it is in their nature to do so. When it comes to relationships, Capricorns also feel the need to be in control. They are conventional and barely ever slip up, why you ask? Well because they always like the idea of staying in the gear and path of life that they have chosen for themselves rather than having to follow their partners.

Capricorns are also known to administer “Cold Love”. Since these mighty goats like their own rope of things and rarely ever tread down a different path, women may need to feel the need to be ambitious for the Capricorn man.

The Capricorns are paradoxical individuals allowing more and more inhibitions to fade away as they grow older. They mature yet they become more fun as they have aged. They are conventional sturdy and mellow.

These goats may also take advantage of women because these women have high end jobs and have the ability to take these sly persons along for a ride. And if they get caught for using you, well these goats don’t care; they are able to stomach almost all that you have to say to them because they speak for themselves. Capricorns are awfully possessive and never let things go when they have been wrongly dealt with.

Capricorn and Relationships

The Capricorns may have the wit and the humor which means they are not dull. Some of these Capricorns have been to the top of the mountain simply because they are so charming. Charming of not they mean business and they have to be in control and be on top. Love is a barrier when the right women have not been found and men see the same thing, love becomes a tactful game when you consider that these women like to stay rough and tough.

Capricorns will make the most reliable and trustworthy, caring and kind partners provided that the relationship is within the white lines of their own realms. They like their perception and formation of life and don’t feel that they have to come outside of it. If these goats want you they will find you, use you and you will get disposed of once they see a better opportunity. They are just not the types to stand for a long grounded relationship because they see better doors opening and they run for it. Their ambition is something that can be beneficial for the man or women in a relationship with them and disadvantageous.

Capricorns adore their private domain and do not want to be disturbed once they have seen that they can entertain themselves just as much as they could have with others around them. The reason why they enjoy their own company is because they often seem cold and distant to the world outside. Others may fail to notice the positives of such a zodiac sign where this domain is all they need.

Capricorn and Career

Business and career-wise Capricorns know what they want. They will go ahead and reach their goals and aims. Once they have seen failure they always find a way to redeem themselves. They take a long time to open up which can be tough for the bosses working over them who may need a sharing insight in business affairs.

Friends and companions may need to break the wall before they feel the warmth and friendliness from within. Capricorns can be very wealthy and may also be on the lower side of affairs. Since their chosen position is one that suits them entirely no other scenario may seem right enough for them. Rigid discipline is what they are used to and if life is like this then it’s one filled with happiness and joy for the got and their partner. They follow rules and never seem to break them.

Overall they are the complex zodiacs of the merry bunch and seem to have their ways befitting them in their positions. Love and romance is something hard to find and once they do find it, it rarely stays long enough to leave an impact. They are strong-willed, righteous, disciplined and reliable when and if things go their way otherwise these feisty individuals have been known to have an eye for an eye. Even after all of these attributes you cannot stop loving and admiring them.

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