Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality

Birthdates:May 22 - June 21
Element of the Gemini zodiac sign:Air
Astrological quality of the Gemini zodiac sign:Mutable (i.e. flexibility)
Ruling Planet:Mercury
Career Planet:Neptune
Love Planet:Jupiter
Money Planet:Moon
Planet of Health and Work:Pluto
Planet of Home and Family Life:Mercury
Colours of the Gemini zodiac sign:blue, yellow
Gems of the Gemini zodiac sign:gate, aquamarine
Metals of the Gemini zodiac sign:quicksilver
Best day of the week for Gemini zodiac sign:Wednesday
Strongest virtues of the Gemini zodiac sign:great communication skills, quickness of thought, quick learning
Deepest need of the Gemini zodiac sign:communication
Weaknesses of the Gemini zodiac sign:superficiality, gossiping, harsh speech that may hurt others, use of words for misleading or misinforming

Gemini General Characteristics

Is it not a wonder how some people have the best of all worlds let alone saying the best of both worlds. That is exactly what describes Gemini. They have it all because on one turn they can be outgoing, enthusiastic and extremely fun-loving and the next they can be very cold and introverted. Why you ask, well it is all in their star signs.

The twins that represent them have the sameness of being twins but having different minds. That is why, sometimes, Geminis are so split-minded and confusing. On the one hand it has already been they may show signs of versatility and vastness, the next they may show the immaturity of a child. The ruling planet plays a lot of roles in the makeup of their personality. They are two different minds located in body which is why most of dual-nature comes from within them.

They are like children as most astrologers would describe them. They can be extremely energetic, enthusiastic and hyper. When that have been showing their good qualities nobody can seem better than them and when they are bad then no one can seem more daunting than them. They like to have restlessness within their lives and will never stick to anything for a long time because boredom is one such aspect that is disliked by them.

Geminis will love adventure and will always try to have something new going on but will lack the application and the motivation to stick to it for a long amount of time. Anything that can better their personalities will have to be worked at which is again a challenge. They are the type of individuals that like to change horses in the middle of a race without having to think about the consequences.

Even though they are like this, people think of them as butterflies jumping from one field to another picking and adapting to changes like the seasons and then picking up where they left off on another route. What Geminis don’t understand is that they make connections and because of their unique attractiveness and charming attributes many fall for them easily. Geminis move on without knowing the damage they cause when they leave behind such amazing individuals who love and adore them and even if they were in love with them they will claim that it was all just a game.

Many good relationships have been lost at the hands of Geminis because they don’t have a sense of being conscientious. Sometimes they will give in when there is a point to fight for what you want but they will claim that it is not what they want and sometimes they will fight for a lost battle claiming that it was in their best moral interest.

Gemini and Relationships

Romantically Geminis are gifted not because of the fact that they are sweet-natured and fun-loving but because they have mastered the art of flattering people to the extent that those individuals will be eating out of the Geminis hands. They are unique because they are so talented at getting people to be where they want them to be and then they can play them as they wanted to. The amazing thing about Geminis is that they play the game so skillfully that it is impossible not to fall for them. They are magnetic and so alluring.

Gemini and Career

Business wise they enjoy and prefer cerebral challenges, those that require the use of their brain and mental activity. The only drawback is the fact that they cannot keep their concentration on an optimum level for a very long time. They may like to be in jobs that are beyond their level as children and think that they can do well but cannot perform and once they see that they are falling short, they will stop trying to work hard.

Professions such as debaters, lecturers, lawyers etc suit their needs and wants as Geminis are talented with respect to speech and writing. They can also be poets and/or journalists but lack the ability to make tough decisions as they will always be confused about what they want. They are pretty heroic and consider themselves to be the masters when it comes to the martial arts and the armed forces. Danger is no more new or fearful to them and they take it in their stride.

Conclusively, Geminis are an awful lot to handle since you have to handle two minds stuck n one body displaying moods and attitudes of not one individual but 2. It can be said that you may have bitten off more than you can chew but once you have them you can try your best to try and keep them from wandering off. They are in true manners like butterflies left to roam the lands with their magic and magnetism leaving you behind somewhere.

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