August Zodiac Sign

Peoples born in July 23 - August 23 августа is a Zodiac sign Leo ♌, and peoples born in August 24 - September 22, is a Zodiac sign Virgo ♍
Date of Birth Zodiac Sign Personality Traits
August 1 Leo
Positive: cheerfulness, diligence, good sense of humor
Negative: impulsiveness
August 2 Leo
Positive: purposefulness, sociability, sincerity, friendliness
Negative: impulsiveness, impatience
August 3 Leo
Positive: sharp mind, independence, developed intuition, sociability, openness
Negative: resentment, stubbornness, aggressiveness
August 4 Leo
Positive: ambition, activity, erudition, sincerity
Negative: dominance, stubbornness, intolerance, irascibility
August 5 Leo
Positive: purposefulness, courage, resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, sociability
Negative: overly emotional, demanding, sarcastic
August 6 Leo
Positive: purposefulness, foresight, vigor, tact, responsiveness
Negative: demanding, uncompromising
August 7 Leo
Positive: purposefulness, activity, responsibility, generosity
Negative: secretiveness, tendency to mood swings, suspiciousness
August 8 Leo
Positive: self-confidence, independence, developed thinking, goodwill
Negative: resentment, vindictiveness, excessive demands
August 9 Leo
Positive: talent, generosity, responsiveness, responsibility
Negative: changeability of mood, self-doubt, suspiciousness, vulnerability
August 10 Leo
Positive: independence, enthusiasm, developed intellect, goodwill, sociability
Negative: laziness, change of mood, arrogance, arrogance
August 11 Leo
Positive: determination, resourcefulness, industriousness, diligence
Negative: irascibility, aggressiveness, mood swings
August 12 Leo
Positive: decisiveness, resourcefulness, curiosity, optimism, sharp mind
Negative: resentment, over-sensitivity
August 13 Leo
Positive: autonomy, assertiveness, adaptability
Negative: stubbornness
August 14 Leo
Positive: energy, enthusiasm, justice
Negative: fussiness, impatience, insistence
August 15 Leo
Positive: purposefulness, self-confidence, sociability, optimism, generosity
Negative: uncompromising, impatience
August 16 Leo
Positive: determination, wit, friendliness, sincerity, responsiveness
Negative: stubbornness, impulsiveness
August 17 Leo
Positive: rationality, perseverance, developed thinking
Negative: impulsiveness, restlessness
August 18 Leo
Positive: energy, self-confidence, perseverance
Negative: uncompromising, aggressiveness, vulnerability
August 19 Leo
Positive: purposefulness, resourcefulness, leadership qualities, cheerfulness
Negative: obsession, excessive emotionality
August 20 Leo
Positive: decisiveness, independence, activity, benevolence
Negative: secrecy, anxiety
August 21 Leo
Positive: energy, focus, perseverance
Negative: secrecy, idealism, emotional instability
August 22 Leo
Positive: purposefulness, determination, friendliness, tact, non-conflict
Negative: suspiciousness, inability to admit ones mistakes
August 23 Virgo
Positive: self-confidence, purposefulness, perseverance, initiative, politeness, generosity
Negative: secretiveness, suspiciousness, vulnerability
August 24 Virgo
Positive: sharp mind, quick wit, determination, self-confidence, peacefulness
Negative: coldness, detachment
August 25 Virgo
Positive: practicality, rationality, decisiveness, responsiveness
Negative: selfishness, gullibility, arrogance
August 26 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, assertiveness, diligence, desire for self-improvement, tolerance
Negative: detachment, emotional instability, imperiousness, carelessness
August 27 Virgo
Positive: self-confidence, practicality, intuitiveness, sociability, responsiveness
Negative: depression, criticality, irritability
August 28 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, prudence, resourcefulness, curiosity, compassion
Negative: excessive altruism
August 29 Virgo
Positive: self-sufficiency, assertiveness, perseverance, benevolence, compassion
Negative: emotional susceptibility
August 30 Virgo
Positive: ambition, ingenuity, dexterity, responsiveness, determination, insight
Negative: pettiness, captiousness, dominance
August 31 Virgo
Positive: self-confidence, purposefulness, perseverance, productivity, sociability
Negative: moodiness, mood swings

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