December Zodiac Sign

Peoples born in November 23 - December 21 is a Zodiac sign Sagittarius ♐, and peoples born in December 22 - January 20, is a Zodiac sign Capricorn ♑
Date of Birth Zodiac Sign Personality Traits
December 1 Sagittarius
Positive: courage, talent, eccentricity, cordiality
Negative: instability, impulsivity
December 2 Sagittarius
Positive: honesty, justice, willpower, kindness
Negative: lack of self-criticism
December 3 Sagittarius
Positive: energy, perseverance, giftedness, ingenuity, developed mind
Negative: uncompromising, demanding
December 4 Sagittarius
Positive: decisiveness, determination
Negative: aggressiveness
December 5 Sagittarius
Positive: perseverance, ambition, energy
Negative: impulsiveness, haste, impracticality
December 6 Sagittarius
Positive: purposefulness, willpower, practicality, developed intuition
Negative: intolerance, excessive harshness, ruthlessness, self-confidence
December 7 Sagittarius
Positive: creativity, kindness, determination, energy
Negative: self-criticism
December 8 Sagittarius
Positive: flexible thinking, vigor, fidelity, willpower
Negative: self-doubt, inability to make decisions quickly
December 9 Sagittarius
Positive: humanism, responsibility, creativity, activity
Negative: aggressiveness, shyness, capriciousness
December 10 Sagittarius
Positive: courage, willpower, purity of thoughts
Negative: impulsiveness, impatience
December 11 Sagittarius
Positive: willpower, nobility, stamina, developed mind, morality
Negative: excessive directness, dependence on other people, intransigence
December 12 Sagittarius
Positive: external attractiveness, interest in new things, talent, kindness
Negative: impermanence
December 13 Sagittarius
Positive: endurance, activity, developed intellectual abilities, idealism
Negative: meticulousness
December 14 Sagittarius
Positive: ingenuity, determination, vigor, eccentricity
Negative: irresponsibility
December 15 Sagittarius
Positive: positive thinking, energy, diplomatic skills, developed mind
Negative: overconfidence, arrogance
December 16 Sagittarius
Positive: developed intuition, creativity, spirituality, willpower, perseverance
Negative: impracticality, the desire to escape from reality
December 17 Sagittarius
Positive: willpower, perseverance, desire for self-education, honesty
Negative: vanity
December 18 Sagittarius
Positive: decisiveness, strategic thinking, idealism, willpower
Negative: dominance
December 19 Sagittarius
Positive: resourcefulness, enterprise, perseverance, vitality
Negative: impatience, impulsiveness, inflexibility in communication
December 20 Sagittarius
Positive: reliability, enthusiasm, ability to persuade, oratory
Negative: aggressiveness
December 21 Sagittarius
Positive: desire for knowledge
Negative: closeness
December 22 Sagittarius
Positive: desire for knowledge, kindness, ability to plan, developed intuition
Negative: inability to take risks, poorly developed communication skills
December 23 Capricorn
Positive: activity, purposefulness, eloquence, developed mind
Negative: stubbornness, intolerance to the opinions of others, aggressiveness
December 24 Capricorn
Positive: willpower, positive thinking, creativity, refined mind
Negative: over-sensitivity, a tendency to be overly direct and critical
December 25 Capricorn
Positive: fearlessness, spirituality, creativity
Negative: impracticality
December 26 Capricorn
Positive: perseverance, willpower, ethics, prudence
Negative: intolerance and exactingness towards others, imperiousness
December 27 Capricorn
Positive: nobility, self-sufficiency, unbending willpower and inner core, optimism
Negative: inability to refuse, the ability to succumb to deception
December 28 Capricorn
Positive: cheerfulness, purposefulness, insight, honesty
Negative: overconfidence, vanity
December 29 Capricorn
Positive: leadership
Negative: lack of self-esteem
December 30 Capricorn
Positive: organization, activity, purposefulness, intuitiveness
Negative: categorical, intolerant of other peoples opinions
December 31 Capricorn
Positive: purposefulness, diligence, practicality
Negative: closedness, unwillingness to take risks

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