February Zodiac Sign

Peoples born in January 21 - February 19 is a Zodiac sign Aquarius ♒, and peoples born in February 20 - March 20, is a Zodiac sign Pisces ♓
Date of Birth Zodiac Sign Personality Traits
February 1 Aquarius
Positive: developed intuition, determination, communication skills
Negative: emotional instability
February 2 Aquarius
Positive: tact, curiosity, mercy, resourcefulness
Negative: oversensitivity
February 3 Aquarius
Positive: resourcefulness, sociability, friendliness, diligence
Negative: vulnerability, resentment
February 4 Aquarius
Positive: openness, sincerity, originality, ambition
Negative: boastfulness, excessive emotionality
February 5 Aquarius
Positive: diligence, cheerfulness, high intellectual potential, sociability
Negative: impatience, indecision
February 6 Aquarius
Positive: resourcefulness, friendliness
Negative: indecision, insecurity, desire for glory
February 7 Aquarius
Positive: individuality, curiosity, sociability
Negative: impatience, excessive susceptibility, tendency to depression
February 8 Aquarius
Positive: developed intuition, kindness, honesty, perseverance
Negative: stubbornness, dominance
February 9 Aquarius
Positive: honesty, kindness, communication
Negative: impracticality, fear of change, adherence to principles
February 10 Aquarius
Positive: erudition, non-standard thinking, purposefulness, diligence, honesty
Negative: fear of change, emotional overstrain
February 11 Aquarius
Positive: intelligence, vigor, industriousness, insight
Negative: irascibility, impulsivity, irritability
February 12 Aquarius
Positive: activity, friendliness, good sense of humor
Negative: self-sacrifice, fear of change
February 13 Aquarius
Positive: sociability, developed intuition, friendliness
Negative: inability to prioritize, excessive emotionality
February 14 Aquarius
Positive: good sense of humor, friendliness, sociability, sharp mind, purposefulness
Negative: intransigence
February 15 Aquarius
Positive: openness, energy, responsiveness, observation
Negative: impulsiveness, unpredictability
February 16 Aquarius
Positive: sociability, resourcefulness, good nature, activity
Negative: excessive emotionality
February 17 Aquarius
Positive: honesty, generosity, diligence, erudition
Negative: inability to prioritize
February 18 Aquarius
Positive: individuality, erudition, charisma, honesty
Negative: arrogance, selfishness, inability to accept defeat
February 19 Aquarius
Positive: talent, reliability, desire for self-improvement
Negative: restlessness, unpredictability, reticence
February 20 Pisces
Positive: responsiveness, kindness, flexibility, sincerity
Negative: impracticality, lack of criticality, spontaneity, impressionability
February 21 Pisces
Positive: good sense of humor, resourcefulness, romance, goodwill
Negative: lack of criticality, irrationality, impracticality
February 22 Pisces
Positive: attentiveness, mystery, openness, intelligence
Negative: excessive idealism
February 23 Pisces
Positive: giftedness, rationality, practicality, analytical mind
Negative: pessimism, captiousness, self-criticism
February 24 Pisces
Positive: sincerity, kindness, sociability, caring, romance
Negative: sacrifice, lack of rationality, resentment
February 25 Pisces
Positive: gentleness, giftedness, analytical mind, kindness
Negative: incontinence, irritability, hypersensitivity, sacrifice
February 26 Pisces
Positive: sensitivity, dreaminess, inspiration, peacefulness
Negative: sacrifice, over-emotionality, resentment
February 27 Pisces
Positive: kindness, responsiveness, intelligence, resourcefulness
Negative: lack of rationality, tendency to pessimism
February 28 Pisces
Positive: enterprise, vigor, flexibility, diplomacy, disinterestedness
Negative: lack of rationality, love of risk and danger
February 29 Pisces
Positive: personality, upbringing, charm, kindness
Negative: irrationality, lack of sense of proportion

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