June Zodiac Sign

Peoples born in May 22 - June 21 is a Zodiac sign Gemini ♊, and peoples born in June 22 - July 22, is a Zodiac sign Cancer ♋
Date of Birth Zodiac Sign Personality Traits
June 1 Gemini
Positive: sharp mind, resourcefulness, energy, sociability, tact
Negative: sacrifice
June 2 Gemini
Positive: diligence, assertiveness, developed intuition, sociability
Negative: impulsiveness, irascibility, conflict
June 3 Gemini
Positive: self-confidence, resourcefulness, sociability, optimism, goodwill
Negative: emotional vulnerability, irritability
June 4 Gemini
Positive: orderliness, organization, sociability, non-conflict
Negative: demandingness, resentment
June 5 Gemini
Positive: responsibility, resourcefulness, hard work, striving for self-improvement
Negative: overconfidence, irritability, criticality
June 6 Gemini
Positive: practicality, determination, sociability, goodwill, peacefulness
Negative: painful perception of criticism, a tendency to extreme
June 7 Gemini
Positive: purposefulness, energy, self-confidence, diligence, sociability
Negative: dictatorship, gullibility
June 8 Gemini
Positive: thoughtfulness, diligence, developed business acumen
Negative: directness, criticality, intolerance
June 9 Gemini
Positive: determination, purposefulness, perseverance, disinterestedness, friendliness
Negative: unpredictability, excessive emotionality, impatience
June 10 Gemini
Positive: intelligence, energy, ingenuity, the desire for self-improvement
Negative: isolation, excessive straightforwardness, conflict
June 11 Gemini
Positive: sharp mind, resourcefulness, energy, sociability, tact
Negative: self-sacrifice, self-medication
June 12 Gemini
Positive: decisiveness, wit, responsiveness, responsibility
Negative: gullibility, adventurism
June 13 Gemini
Positive: willpower, energy, self-confidence, friendliness, sociability
Negative: promiscuity, dissipation, gullibility
June 14 Gemini
Positive: activity, perseverance, developed mind, leadership qualities
Negative: criticality, cold-bloodedness, aggressiveness, impatience
June 15 Gemini
Positive: practicality, flexibility, charisma, friendliness
Negative: dominance, manipulative
June 16 Gemini
Positive: flexibility, consistency, quick wit, insight
Negative: aloofness, pride, excessive daydreaming
June 17 Gemini
Positive: ambition, talent, reliability
Negative: demanding, critical
June 18 Gemini
Positive: ingenuity, perseverance, courage, tact, responsiveness
Negative: selfishness, pride, incredulity
June 19 Gemini
Positive: originality of thinking, sociability, charisma, responsiveness
Negative: excessive perseverance, impulsiveness, uncompromising
June 20 Gemini
Positive: striving for self-improvement, innovative thinking, sociability, energy
Negative: demanding, impulsive
June 21 Gemini
Positive: self-confidence, self-sufficiency, curiosity, goodwill, responsiveness
Negative: excessive sentimentality, workaholism
June 22 Cancer
Positive: purposefulness, optimism, activity, goodwill, sociability
Negative: impulsivity, hypersensitivity
June 23 Cancer
Positive: practicality, efficiency, insight, responsiveness
Negative: tactlessness, nervousness
June 24 Cancer
Positive: responsibility, ambition, charisma, diplomacy, restraint
Negative: tendency to idealize a partner
June 25 Cancer
Positive: responsibility, resourcefulness, responsiveness, tact
Negative: softness, vulnerability
June 26 Cancer
Positive: practicality, ambition, endurance, assertiveness, responsiveness
Negative: exactingness, tactlessness, vulnerability, carelessness
June 27 Cancer
Positive: independence, purposefulness, assertiveness
Negative: self-confidence, principledness, conflict
June 28 Cancer
Positive: activity, striving for self-improvement, perseverance, reasonableness
Negative: impulsiveness, criticality, vulnerability
June 29 Cancer
Positive: purposefulness, energy, benevolence, inquisitiveness, tact
Negative: lack of initiative, excessive emotionality, suspiciousness
June 30 Cancer
Positive: decisiveness, vigor, developed intelligence, individuality, goodwill
Negative: aggressiveness, fear of change

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