January Zodiac Sign

Peoples born in December 22 - January 20 is a Zodiac sign Capricorn ♑, and peoples born in January 21 - February 19, is a Zodiac sign Aquarius ♒
Date of Birth Zodiac Sign Personality Traits
January 1 Capricorn
Positive: responsibility, exactingness, purposefulness
Negative: lack of flexibility, insecurity
January 2 Capricorn
Positive: purposefulness, striving for self-improvement, restraint
Negative: self-doubt, distrust of others
January 3 Capricorn
Positive: sociability, curiosity, ambition
Negative: lack of concern for ones health
January 4 Capricorn
Positive: purposefulness, responsibility, conscientiousness
Negative: restraint in emotions, authoritarianism, inability to lose
January 5 Capricorn
Positive: honesty, responsibility, optimism, self-control
Negative: selfishness
January 6 Capricorn
Positive: diplomacy, non-conflict, insight, ingenuity, reliability
Negative: secrecy in emotions, naivety
January 7 Capricorn
Positive: independence, eccentricity, insight, purposefulness
Negative: resentment, sentimentality
January 8 Capricorn
Positive: ambition, good sense of humor
Negative: selfishness, intractability, pessimism
January 9 Capricorn
Positive: purposefulness, compassion, curiosity
Negative: irritability, lack of flexibility, adherence to principles
January 10 Capricorn
Positive: independence, perseverance, friendliness
Negative: straightforwardness, emotional instability, jealousy
January 11 Capricorn
Positive: perseverance, self-improvement, optimism
Negative: self-confidence
January 12 Capricorn
Positive: eccentricity, charisma, purposefulness
Negative: arrogance, selfishness, inability to accept defeat
January 13 Capricorn
Positive: accuracy, conscientiousness, erudition
Negative: incredulity, inability to lose
January 14 Capricorn
Positive: independence, ambition, imagination
Negative: selfishness, inability to relax
January 15 Capricorn
Positive: purposefulness, perseverance, developed intuition
Negative: resentment, inability to rest
January 16 Capricorn
Positive: diligence, responsibility, striving for self-improvement, compassion
Negative: stubbornness, inability to relax, a tendency to conservatism
January 17 Capricorn
Positive: purposefulness, perseverance, diligence
Negative: emotional instability, pessimism, shyness
January 18 Capricorn
Positive: ambition, curiosity, resourcefulness
Negative: naivete, sentimentality
January 19 Capricorn
Positive: diligence, erudition, good sense of humor, sociability
Negative: strictness towards oneself and others, reassessment of ones capabilities
January 20 Capricorn
Positive: innovation, determination, high efficiency
Negative: anxiety, selfishness, tendency to depression
January 21 Aquarius
Positive: erudition, prudence, compassion, friendliness, originality
Negative: selfishness, talkativeness, intemperance
January 22 Aquarius
Positive: purposefulness, sociability, independence
Negative: impatience, impulsiveness
January 23 Aquarius
Positive: uniqueness, curiosity, developed intellectual and oratory skills
Negative: selfishness, irascibility, tactlessness
January 24 Aquarius
Positive: ambition, sociability, erudition, developed logic
Negative: resentment, tendency to stress and depression
January 25 Aquarius
Positive: independence, honesty, developed mental abilities and imagination
Negative: emotional closeness, excessive self-criticism, pessimism
January 26 Aquarius
Positive: purposefulness, self-confidence, courage
Negative: irascibility, emotionality, uncompromisingness
January 27 Aquarius
Positive: purposefulness, altruism, friendliness
Negative: passivity, slowness, laziness
January 28 Aquarius
Positive: optimism, determination, enthusiasm, generosity
Negative: irascibility, emotionality, impracticality
January 29 Aquarius
Positive: responsibility, diligence, courage, benevolence, insight
Negative: desire for solitude, impulsiveness, indecision
January 30 Aquarius
Positive: diligence, kindness, insight, eccentricity
Negative: resentment, irascibility
January 31 Aquarius
Positive: friendliness, gentleness, eccentricity
Negative: resentment, addiction to bad habits

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