September Zodiac Sign

Peoples born in August 24 - September 22 is a Zodiac sign Virgo ♍, and peoples born in September 23 - October 23, is a Zodiac sign Libra ♎
Date of Birth Zodiac Sign Personality Traits
September 1 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, practicality, honesty
Negative: excessive seriousness, nervousness
September 2 Virgo
Positive: ambition, pliability, honesty, benevolence
Negative: captiousness, workaholism
September 3 Virgo
Positive: decisiveness, practicality, developed intellect, diligence, oratorical talent
Negative: duality
September 4 Virgo
Positive: ambition, perseverance, benevolence, endurance
Negative: workaholism, neglect of health
September 5 Virgo
Positive: energy, generosity, diligence
Negative: falseness, adventurism, prudence
September 6 Virgo
Positive: sociability, tact, diplomacy, cheerfulness
Negative: anxiety
September 7 Virgo
Positive: activity, determination, strategic thinking, perseverance, diligence
Negative: closeness, demanding
September 8 Virgo
Positive: diligence, perseverance, responsibility, loyalty
Negative: credulity, commercialism, inability to express ones feelings
September 9 Virgo
Positive: mercy, vigor, determination, diligence, ambition
Negative: secrecy, propensity for risk and extreme
September 10 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, calmness, creativity
Negative: closeness, isolation, exactingness when choosing a partner
September 11 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, activity, fearlessness, friendliness, leadership abilities
Negative: inconstancy, boastfulness, excessive gullibility
September 12 Virgo
Positive: discipline, honesty, foresight, assertiveness, benevolence
Negative: stubbornness, irascibility, secrecy of feelings, impressionability
September 13 Virgo
Positive: result-oriented, diligent, optimistic, compassionate
Negative: irascibility, aggressiveness, cruelty to relatives
September 14 Virgo
Positive: perseverance, restraint, foresight, love of planning
Negative: closeness
September 15 Virgo
Positive: sociability, responsiveness, mercy, sensuality
Negative: greed, closeness, vulnerability
September 16 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, thoughtfulness, inner strength, rationality
Negative: tactlessness, detachment
September 17 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, foresight, assertiveness, balance
Negative: self-doubt, closeness, secrecy
September 18 Virgo
Positive: ambition, self-sufficiency, talent, subtle intuition, non-conflict
Negative: irascibility, self-doubt, secrecy, incredulity
September 19 Virgo
Positive: ambition, self-confidence, nobility, compassion
Negative: dependence on public opinion
September 20 Virgo
Positive: ambition, responsiveness, generosity, disinterestedness, talent
Negative: overestimation of ones strengths, excessive emotionality
September 21 Virgo
Positive: analytical mind, good intuition, leadership skills, determination, curiosity
Negative: shortsightedness, craving for flirting
September 22 Virgo
Positive: purposefulness, practicality, vigor, diligence
Negative: intemperance, causticity, pride
September 23 Libra
Positive: talent, kindness, sociability, honesty
Negative: painful perception of criticism, impressionability, authoritativeness, laziness
September 24 Libra
Positive: purposefulness, consistency, activity, aesthetics, responsiveness
Negative: inconstancy, adventurism, restlessness, love of love
September 25 Libra
Positive: ambition, assertiveness, insight, talent, sociability
Negative: emotional instability, nervousness
September 26 Libra
Positive: purposefulness, perseverance, tact, responsiveness, restraint
Negative: secrecy, callousness
September 27 Libra
Positive: perseverance, diligence, honesty, insight, benevolence
Negative: self-doubt, low self-esteem, suspiciousness
September 28 Libra
Positive: fearlessness, curiosity, benevolence, aesthetic taste
Negative: impulsiveness, irascibility
September 29 Libra
Positive: diligence, calmness, mercy, reliability
Negative: secrecy, self-doubt, vulnerability
September 30 Libra
Positive: observation, seriousness, honesty
Negative: impatience, secretiveness, mockery

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