Year of the Dragon

Earthly Branch (animal):chen
Wu Xing (element):tu (earth)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Aries

Personality of the Dragon

The Dragon was born to be the absolute master, bright and exceptional. Just like the fierce mythical Dragon, the Dragon is a born warrior who leaves the Earth burning behind him and inflames hearts on his way.

The Dragon is a great commander, for better and for worse. The Dragon demands to be respected when he speaks, admired when he takes action, and listened to when he orders. An impetuous energy animates hs every move. He's ready to accept any challenge, to fight for power, and to break down any obstacle that comes in his way.

If he happens to fail, the Dragon will never admit that he was defeated. This humiliation will give birth to a new desire to conquer. Like a tireless warrior that he is, the Dragon becomes more powerful with every new defeat and more invincible with every new wound.

The Dragon is very demanding with the others but rather indulgent with himself. Rarely do you see a Dragon to admit his mistakes. The Dragon is very assertive and he believes that he is entitled to the best. Moreover, he is a classical case of narcissism.

Intelligent, rational and visionary, the Dragon imposes his point of view on the others when they don't share it.

To a Dragon, life is one big adventure. He does not understand nor tolerate lack of ambition.

The Dragon: Work and Money

The Dragon is meant to deal with great projects. He feels best when he is involved in large scale actions and extreme situations.

The Dragon is inventive, visionary and very creative. He is a born showman and masters the art of dramatic appearances. The Dragon belongs to the powerful ones and he has a inexhaustible energy.

Avid of success, the Dragon is capable of working day and night without rest to start a great project. Intense and continuous activity mobilizes the Dragon while boredom kills him.

Financially speaking, the Dragon is an aristocrat that loves to live in luxury, to party every night and to spend lavishly. He likes driving sports cars, collecting precious antiquities and sleeping in silky bed clothes.

The Dragon is generous with himself, with his family and friends, and he overwhelms the people around him with presents - especially if they know how to show their gratitude.

Born under lucky stars, the Dragon is seldom poor. But, no matter what, a Dragon will never demean himself by doing something that he doesn't like just for money. He has his pride even when it comes to money.

The Dragon: Love Horoscope

Enslaved by the Dragon's irresistible charm, the victims come to him willingly. When a Dragon chooses to take a look at the chosen one, he knows that they are already charmed. This is for the better, because the Dragon hates any form of resistance.

All a Dragon expects of his partner is for the latter to pay him honors. Love is something that the Dragon takes for granted, without feeling that he has to give something in return, so his partner often has to do with very little to be happy.

If a Dragon is reproached with the most insignificant detail, he leaves slamming the door behind him - but not before he has displayed his anger. Blackmail has no effect on a Dragon.

In order to seduce a Dragon, you have to show fascination for him and his generous deeds, to admire him and to let him believe that you are a fragile person, completely dominated by his personality.

Dragon Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Dragon has excellent relations with the Rat and the Monkey. However, the Dragon is in for hard times with the Dog.

Here are the Dragon's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Dragon-Rat Compatibility

A happy combination. The Dragon and the Rat get along wonderfully mainly because they are on the same sentimental wavelength.

Dragon-Ox Compatibility

Although there is attraction at first sight between the Dragon and the Ox, they are so stubborn that their relationship won't last for long. Neither of them is willing to give up.

Dragon-Tiger Compatibility

A vigorous relationship, full of arguments - but of intense lovemaking sessions, too. The Dragon and the Tiger form a flaming combination.

Dragon-Rabbit Compatibility

The Dragon and the Rabbit have only one chance: compromise. If both of them learn to give in, they will see that they can complete each other. Otherwise, their differences will lead to conflicts and separation.

Dragon-Dragon Compatibility

The relationship between two Dragons can be very powerful and lasting, on the condition that they both give in a little when fighting for precedence.

Dragon-Snake Compatibility

Both of them are intelligent, cunning and witty. The Dragon and the Snake match wonderfully and they will have a good life together.

Dragon-Horse Compatibility

The Dragon and the Horse have an excellent relationship sexually speaking. If they manage to get along too, they will have a very nice life together.

Dragon-Goat Compatibility

Although there's a great sexual attraction between the Dragon and the Goat, they will eventually realize they are not meant to be together and they'll go separate ways.

Dragon-Monkey Compatibility

A profound relationship, with deep feelings. The Dragon and the Monkey think alike and respect each other. They will be happy together and will accomplish a lot.

Dragon-Rooster Compatibility

The Dragon and the Rooster are two selfish people that form a nice and interesting couple. They look good together but their personalities will eventually collide.

Dragon-Dog Compatibility

A relationship to be avoided without hesitation and regrets. At any price. Any relationship between a Dog and a Dragon can make both of them go crazy.

Dragon-Pig Compatibility

The love between a Dragon and a Pig is so deep, tender and playful that it risks annoying people around. But to them it's a harmonious combination, based on spiritual communion.

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