Year of the Horse

Earthly Branch (animal):wu
Wu Xing (element):huo (fire)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Gemini

The Horse: Work and Money

The Horse needs to feel independent, free and, above all, not to feel under observation.

The elegant way of speaking and persuasive words make the Horse an excellent salesperson, especially if this means spendind his day on the road. The Horse can't stand jobs that keep him locked in an office. Where's the action? The ideal job for a Horse has to keep him on the move.

The Horse likes being original and making fast decisions. Jobs that require patience and thoroughness don't suit him. The Horse can only be himself if he is on the move. All he needs to know is when and where to stop.

The Horse does not put away and is not consistent as far as money is concerned. If he has it, that's a good thing, if he doesn't, he can live without it.

One thing is certain: money is not a Horse's first goal in life. On the contrary, quite often it's the last thing on his mind. And if we consider the Horse's unstable lifestyle, too - especially regarding his job, which he often changes - it's pretty obvious why the Horse's financial situation is usually uncertain.

If he happens to be in great need of money, the Horse won't hesitate to sell his furniture or personal possessions. He is more of an idealist rather than a materialist. He trusts his luck and he doesn't doubt for a moment that he can go over any problem. Sometimes the Horse's opportunist nature comes in helpful.

The Horse: Love Horoscope

Always in love, proud as a stallion, the Horse lives intensely the strong emotions that overwhelm him when he falls in love. Every time the Horse finds a new partner, he jumps heart and soul into the adventure.

The Horse is full of passion, but without being jealous or possessive. He is a wonderful life partner, very generous with his dear ones.

But a Horse's passion does not last long because he gets bored quickly. At the first sign of routine, the Horse starts looking for fresher grass.

Horse Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Horse can have a good life with the Tiger and the Dog. The Horse is on fighting terms with the Rat.

The Horse's compatibilities with each sign in particular:

Horse-Rat Compatibility

Completely wrong for each other, the Horse and the Rat don't belong together. They can only rely on each other as enemies.

Horse-Ox Compatibility

A relationship in which arguments are very much on the map. The Horse and the Ox get along much better as business partners than they do in bed.

Horse-Tiger Compatibility

Every day is a new exciting adventure! Together, the Horse and the Tiger will have a life full of events and satisfactions.

Horse-Rabbit Compatibility

A difficult relationship, but not impossible. In spite of the inherent conflicts, the Horse and the Rabbit can live together and get along.

Horse-Dragon Compatibility

The Horse and the Dragon have an excellent relationship sexually speaking. If, in addition to that, they manage to understand, they are in for a very nice life together.

Horse-Snake Compatibility

Because of the different opinions and goals in life, the Horse and the Snake won't have a great life together. Still, with a little effort of communication, they could cohabit.

Horse-Horse Compatibility

They are both willful people that strongly need independence. Even if there is an initial attraction between two Horses, and maybe even some passion, their relationship won't last very long.

Horse-Goat Compatibility

Love at first sight! Moreover, their union will get stronger and stronger as they realize they have the same passions and wishes. A lasting relationship.

Horse-Monkey Compatibility

A 'classical' case of good friends and nothing more. The Horse and the Monkey can be friends, but living together is out of the question.

Horse-Rooster Compatibility

The Horse and the Rooster are good for each other. However, both of them have to temperate their tendency to dominate, otherwise arguments will destroy their love.

Horse-Dog Compatibility

A special match. The Horse and the Dog will have a lasting, happy and fulfilled relationship.

Horse-Pig Compatibility

Together, the Horse and the Pig can have a great time at parties, on the sport ground or on trips, but neither of them is capable of dealing with daily problems. A relationship that could be nice, but it won't last.

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