Year of the Sheep (Goat)

Earthly Branch (animal):wei
Wu Xing (element):tu (earth)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Cancer

Personality of the Sheep (Goat)

The Goat has the soul of an artist, a gentle and good-natured character. He has refined taste and he pictures himself surrounded by silk and expensive carpets.

Rarely do you see a Goat working hard: work bores and even annoys him. Instead, the Goat likes idling his time away and he would love to have someone to take care of him. The Goat dreams of living under the protection of an extravagant patron that offers him all the necessary conditions to manifest his talents fully, without material restrictions.

The Goat is handy and he likes working with his hands - if it's about art. But he loses interest immediately when it comes to tidying around the house. Even the simplest daily pursuits are a punisher for him. All a Goat wants is to find the right person to deal with these 'annoying details' and make the necessary decisions, but also to flatter him and offer him fresh grass every day.

The Goat's imaginary universe, in which everything is 'luxury, beauty, peace and sensuality', is far away from reality. When the Goat comes down to Earth, he is overwhelmed by bleak pessimism and becomes stubborn, moody and sad.

The Goat is as easy-going as he is sensitive. When there are conflicts, the Goat prefers to hide until the storm is over and he doesn't even consider bunting his enemy with his horns. The Goat usually wins by making use of his irresistible charm. He remains an easy pray to wolves though.

The Sheep (Goat): Work and Money

The Goat excels in creative, artistic activities, and in everything that is related to drama - or that allows him to act like a drama queen.

The Goat has an abstract thinking but he chooses realistic co-workers to take care of the commercial side of things because management is not his strong suit.

The Goat is not after power or honors. He feels at home in the essence of things and he completely ignores the 'petty' side of life that means contracts, costs and profit. The Goat lives in an ivory tower where he dedicates himself to his passion for perfection.

As far as money is concerned, the Goat has a special talent to spend other people's money. He manages to get under the skin of benefactors that believe in his talent and are willing to support him generously.

The Goat is not crazy about money and he is capable of spending on an object much more than it is worth without hesitation. Money slip by the Goat, he can't make his pile. But he doesn't care.

The Goat lives in his own universe dominated by fine taste because he either has money or he 'gets by' one way or another. A Goat can turn any barn into a palace from The Arabian Nights.

The Sheep (Goat): Love Horoscope

The Goat is a sensitive and dependent nature that cannot live without love. He needs a life partner to protect him, to be tender and pay attention to him. If there is an argument or someone raises their voice, the Goat is terrified and runs for shelter.

On the other hand, the Goat is faithful and if his partner offers him a cozy home and a comfortable safe life, the Goat will prove to be an ideal partner.

In order to seduce a Goat, you have to be romantic and gallant and to take him to cultural events. Whatever you do, don't dare give a Goat an ultimatum, and try not to let him believe that you consider leaving him, or you'll be the one being dumped!

Sheep (Goat) Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Goat is on the same wavelength with the Rabbit and the Pig, but has absolutely nothing in common with the Ox.

Here are the Goat's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Sheep-Rat Compatibility

The relationship between a Goat and a Rat is very difficult. Still, if they both make efforts, it might work.

Sheep-Ox Compatibility

Although the Goat and the Ox feel a certain kind of mutual attraction, their relationship is challenging. They have almost nothing in common, neither sentimentally nor intellectually.

Sheep-Tiger Compatibility

A relationship in which mutual respect is rather exaggerated. The Goat and the Tiger try so hard to spare each other that they end up not feeling good together. They can be teammates but a marriage would be difficult.

Sheep-Rabbit Compatibility

A total love. If we also take into consideration that the Goat and the Rabbit have the same goals in life, respect and understand each other, it becomes clear that they'll have a perfect life together.

Sheep-Dragon Compatibility

Although between the Goat and the Dragon there is a strong sexual attraction, they will eventually realize they are not meant to be together and they will part ways.

Sheep-Snake Compatibility

The Goat and the Snake will be good friends and/or passionate lovers. They are meant for each other.

Sheep-Horse Compatibility

Love at first sight! Moreover, their union will get stronger and stronger, as they realize they have the same passions and wishes. A lasting relationship.

Sheep-Goat Compatibility

From the union of two Goats results a couple of hedonists (in plain English, crazy about profane pleasures) that get along perfectly.

Sheep-Monkey Compatibility

Although they are very different, the Goat and the Monkey can take advantage of the other one's qualities, building an interesting relationship. Both of them need to communicate and accept wise compromises.

Sheep-Rooster Compatibility

There will always be problems between a Goat and a Rooster. They will find it hard to solve all of them, and things get worse with each new mistake.

Sheep-Dog Compatibility

There is no attraction between the Goat and the Dog because they have nothing in common. They can spend a lot of time together but neither of them will really enjoy it.

Sheep-Pig Compatibility

The Goat and the Pig will fall in love at first sight and they will understand each other without words. If they could, they would always party with champagne and caviar, as they both like it.

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