Year of the Snake

Earthly Branch (animal):si
Wu Xing (element):huo (fire)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Taurus

Personality of the Snake

The Snake is the master of heart-breaking. The same way he once charmed Eve, he now manages to make the people around him lose their head. Refined, amusing and seductive, the Snake is always in the limelight in society due to his intelligence and wit.

The Snake's wisdom is well-known and his outlook on life is special. Intuitive and rational in all situations, the Snake becomes reserved in conversations. He prefers not saying much and keeping his thoughts to himself. However, when an abstract topic is approached, the Snake doesn't hesitate expressing his opinion, amazing and attracting the audience with his knowledge.

The Snake is a cold-blooded being. He takes pleasure in getting involved in intrigues and plots, but he also enjoys long periods of relaxation.

A Snake is able to solve in a few hours what would take days to other people to solve. When he gets down to work, the Snake is very efficient, especially when he works alone and at his own pace, as he likes it. The Snake is faster than the others, because he knows how to move around and over obstacles, just like a snake in the grass.

If he weren't poisonous, the Snake wouldn't be a true snake. He attacks his enemies with acid replies and he doesn't get off their back until he is avenged. The Snake is a fierce enemy, so you'd better try to make him your friend.

The Snake: Work and Money

The Snake likes solving his problems by himself, at his own pace, different from the other's.

The Snake is a subtle negotiator and doesn't mind dealing with strong partners. He has the necessary inner resources and calm to obtain anything he wants under any circumstances.

The Snake is not afraid of responsibilities, and his strong point is efficiency. Without wasting effort and talking too much, a Snake analyses the situation as he alone knows how to do it. After he sets his goals, the Snake strikes the target.

However, the Snake has a major flaw: he can't stand losing. Unfortunately, among other things, the Snake is very proud.

The Snake likes money, but only because of what he can obtain with it. There is no doubt that he wants a comfortable, wealthy life.

The Snake will gladly spend a lot of money on an art object or a trip abroad, but he is not keen on buying highly useful objects such as a washing machine or a car.

The Snake is not at all economical or thrifty. Fortunately for him, the Snake is good at business and at choosing his partners and associating with people that help him make a lot of money without too much trouble.

The Snake: Love Horoscope

Once the Snake has hypnotized his victim, he proves to be sensual, passionate and very possessive. He has a dominating character and he won't hesitate asking his partner to fulfill all his wishes.

Although he is jealous, the Snake is neither too stable nor too faithful. He enjoys seducing any victim that he comes across with, even if it's just to prove himself that he hasn't lost his charm. The Snake's favorite weapon is discussing about Freud's psychoanalysis, in order to win his next victim by means of a subtle torrent of erotic suggestions.

To seduce a Snake, you have to be intelligent and sensual, to admire him unconditionally and to be passionate.

Snake Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Snake gets along very well with the Ox and the Rooster. The animal he cannot live with is the Pig.

Here are the Snake's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Snake-Rat Compatibility

The Snake and the Rat feel a mutual fascination. If they manage to solve the differences between them, they'll have many things to learn from each other.

Snake-Ox Compatibility

A wonderful union: harmony, love and understanding. The Snake and the Ox understand each other without words.

Snake-Tiger Compatibility

The Snake and the Tiger are too different for their relationship to work. They have nothing in common and they don't have the same goals either. In conclusion: no chance.

Snake-Rabbit Compatibility

Between the Snake and the Rabbit everything starts with sex - and ends there. Not just like that, though, but with art and refinement.

Snake-Dragon Compatibility

They are both intelligent, witty and sly. The Snake and the Dragon are meant for each other and they will have a good life together.

Snake-Snake Compatibility

Two Snakes can get along very well when working together or participating in intelligence games, for they are two sharp minds. From the sentimental point of view though, they are both very jealous.

Snake-Horse Compatibility

Because of their different conceptions and different goals in life, the Snake and the Horse are not good for each other. However, with some communication effort they could get along.

Snake-Goat Compatibility

The Snake and the Goat will be best friends or passionate lovers. They are meant for each other.

Snake-Monkey Compatibility

In such a relationship, both the Snake and the Monkey will almost always be preoccupied with avoiding each other's attacks. To overcome this exaggerated suspicion they both need to show some tolerance.

Snake-Rooster Compatibility

Friends or lovers, the Snake and the Rooster will get along perfectly.

Snake-Dog Compatibility

Attraction at first sight. After they experience sensual love, the Snake and the Dog will realize that they match spiritually too.

Snake-Pig Compatibility

The Snake will eat the Pig alive. There is no chance of them living together.

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