Year of the Rabbit

Earthly Branch (animal):mao
Wu Xing (element):mu (wood)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Pisces

Personality of the Rabbit

The Rabbit is a lively figure but also thoughtful, calm and realistic. He uses his intelligence to create a shelter to fit his taste, in which to isolate himself from everything he can't stand: disorder, arguments, indiscretion, anxiety, noise and hate. Hence the Rabbit's main flaw: the tendency to hide every time a conflict occurs.

The Rabbit is diplomat in society: extremely courteous and so elegant that he charms everybody. He is a good listener and people are usually willing to share their secrets with him. Still, the Rabbit considers that everybody has to solve their problems by themselves and he doesn't like to interfere with the others' business unless he has no choice.

Beneath the Rabbit's soft and silky fur there is a calm, determined person that can overcome any kind of situation. Excessive sentimentalism and strong emotions embarrass him. When confronted with crises, the Rabbit has a logical and rather detached attitude that can create the impression that he is indifferent or cynical.

In fact, the Rabbit's aspiration towards peace and quietness rises above anything else. All a Rabbit wants is a peaceful place that won't disturb his inner world. After long reflections, he will build himself the universe that fits him best.

Aesthete and learned, the Rabbit enjoys reading and spending his nights in front of the fire, surrounded by his dear ones.

The Rabbit: Work and Money

Due to his talent as a negotiator and to his sharp mind, the Rabbit usually climbs socially very quickly, even though he does not chase promotions. He trusts his instincts, he senses a good deal and he doesn't hesitate entering a competition. With a little luck - which he has -, the rest is almost a formality.

The Rabbit is not himself when he has to fit in a team, but he is extremely resourceful when he works alone in an office or in a workshop. Due to his overall view, the Rabbit is an excellent organizer and manager - of his own work. As for his colleagues, the Rabbit doesn't always like working side by side with them, nor getting involved in their projects. He is very independent and he tries to obtain as much autonomy as possible.

Generally, the Rabbit doesn't have financial problems. Good for him, because he likes having a comfortable life. He can't stand being caught off guarded, so he regularly puts money aside and invests it in low risk businesses that promise a safe future. A Rabbit is likely to have savings accounts, a life insurance, etc., that will make his old age peaceful.

The Rabbit's prudence goes hand in hand with a wise carefulness that spares him of concerns regarding money and allows him to lead a nice, comfortable life.

The Rabbit: Love Horoscope

The Rabbit is a reliable person, whom friends can count on. When a Rabbit is in love, he prefers warm hugs and caressing to ardent passion. Romantic by nature, sensitive and thoughtful of his partner, the Rabbit knows how to make himself be wanted through his charm and kindness.

The Rabbit would like to spend the evenings together with his loved one, just the two of them, at the candle light, and the week-ends in a romantic place like Venice, Italy. A Rabbit is happy next to someone gentle and kind, that is neither possessive nor jealous.

To attract a Rabbit, you have to be cultivated, romantic, tender and mannered.

Rabbit Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Rabbit gets along very well with the Goat and the Pig, but has absolutely nothing in common with the Rooster.

Here are the Rabbit's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Rabbit-Rat Compatibility

They are not good for each other. The Rat, who is crazy about adventures, thinks that the Rabbit has no energy and spontaneity. They don't speak the same language.

Rabbit-Ox Compatibility

Both the Rabbit and the Ox are rather soft for any business relationship to work successfully, but they can have a harmonious and peaceful marriage.

Rabbit-Tiger Compatibility

The differences between the Rabbit and the Tiger manifest like a benefic complementarity which both of them can benefit from.

Rabbit-Rabbit Compatibility

A relationship between two affectionate, cultivated and mannered people. Two Rabbits will simply have a harmonious cohabitation.

Rabbit-Dragon Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Dragon have only one chance to live together: compromise. If both learn to give up a little, they'll see they can complete each other. Otherwise, their differences will lead to conflicts.

Rabbit-Snake Compatibility

Between the Rabbit and the Snake everything starts from sex. And it also ends there. However, it doesn't end just like that, but with art and refinement.

Rabbit-Horse Compatibility

A difficult relationship, but not impossible. Despite the inherent conflicts, the Rabbit and the Horse can come to understand each other and to live together in peace.

Rabbit-Goat Compatibility

A total love, as God made it. If we also take into account that the Rabbit and the Goat have the same goals in life, respect and understand each other, it becomes clear that they will have an ideal life together.

Rabbit-Monkey Compatibility

When a Rabbit meets a Monkey, one of them will end up crying - and it won't be the Monkey.

Rabbit-Rooster Compatibility

Completely different from all points of view, the Rabbit and the Rooster have absolutely no ground on which to build a relationship.

Rabbit-Dog Compatibility

A highly stable relationship. The Rabbit and the Dog can have a life full of happiness together.

Rabbit-Pig Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Pig are meant for each other. They will have a life full of tenderness, good mood and ease. Their love will last.

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