Year of the Tiger

Earthly Branch (animal):yin
Wu Xing (element):mu (wood)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Aquarius

Personality of the Tiger

The Tiger has an unmitigated zest for life and he doesn't lack the means to satisfy his pleasures. Money doesn't impress a Tiger but he is keen on challenging adventures. Nothing gets in his way, neither unexpected situations nor danger.

The Tiger makes decisions on the spur of the moment, paying more attention to heart than reason. His brave enthusiasm mobilizes the people around him. People are usually willing to follow a Tiger to the end of the Earth, just to be part of his bold dreams and projects that aim at escaping from the daily routine.

The Tiger's extravagancy goes hand in hand with his need to command: he likes being listened to obediently. Those denying a Tiger's authority should be on guard for they risk getting hurt pretty badly.

Overdoing with anything, the Tiger's behavior shows the intense feelings that motivate him: passion and determination are part of his daily life. When somebody tries to encage him, the Tiger goes mad with rage and roars violently.

A true adventurer, the Tiger is keen on seizing every opportunity that presents to him, taking advantage of any chance with an almost blind courage. It is for this reason that the Tiger is unpredictable and he doesn't quite manage to make people around him feel safe.

The Tiger: Work and Money

The Tiger is a charismatic person, a leader, a master, a ship captain. If he happens to be a subordinate, he will suffocate.

The Tiger needs action and independence to prove his talent in persuading his clients, in getting amazing deals, in dominating the market. The Tiger's universe is wild, without laws and hierarchies. Roads already taken are of no interest to him.

The Tiger cannot conceive work without passion and he declines to blindly accept reason, fixed hours and uniforms, for he is a ruler.

As far as money is concerned, the Tiger cannot stand putting aside or financial planning. The Tiger likes taking his chances at the stock market and he is a great gambler. He is interested in money only to the extent that it brings him pleasure and excitement.

The Tiger trusts his luck and intuition and he has no hesitation when investing in a new business. It's nevertheless true that taking risks generally brings him high profit.

The Tiger is sometimes very generous. He is always willing to give his friends a lot of money and, in time, he will become a magnificent hero that sets the world in motion.

The Tiger: Love Horoscope

The Tiger's love life is romantic and fast-moving just like his entire life. The Tiger is the Asian version of the brave knight in shining armor. He would always climb a balcony to save a damsel in distress.

On the first days of passion, the Tiger is fervent and glowing. But as soon as routine comes along, he runs away as fast as he can.

If he is left by the person he loves, the Tiger behaves like a lord: he accepts his defeat without regret. On the other hand, a lost love means ten other future love affairs. Love died, long live love!

To seduce a Tiger, you have to be ready for anything, to respect his need for freedom and action, to love the unexpected and adventure, and to purr when the Tiger's claws withdraw and the soft pads remain.

Tiger Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Tiger's best friends are the Horse and the Dog. He will never get along with the Monkey.

Here are the Tiger's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Tiger-Rat Compatibility

Sooner or later there will be violent clashes between the Tiger and the Rat. It all depends on their capacity of making compromises. They can be friends, but a love relationship is out of the question.

Tiger-Ox Compatibility

The Tiger and the Ox are attracted to each other, but their personalities will most certainly collide and things will get ugly. The Chinese say that there could not be a worse combination.

Tiger-Tiger Compatibility

When two equally dominating personalities meet, the result can only be a continuous confrontation. If at least one of the two Tigers could give up.

Tiger-Rabbit Compatibility

The differences between the Tiger and the Rabbit manifest like a benefic complementarity of which they both have something to gain.

Tiger-Dragon Compatibility

A lively relationship, full of quarrels but also full of passionate love. The Tiger and the Dragon are a hot combination.

Tiger-Snake Compatibility

The Tiger and the Snake are way too different for their relationship to work. They have nothing in common and they don't even have the same goals. In conclusion: no chance.

Tiger-Horse Compatibility

For these two every day is a new exciting adventure. Together, the Tiger and the Horse will have a life full of excitement and satisfactions.

Tiger-Goat Compatibility

A relationship in which mutual respect is exaggerated. The Tiger and the Goat protect each other so much that they end up not feeling comfortable together. They can be colleagues, but not lovers.

Tiger-Monkey Compatibility

The Tiger does not belong next to a Monkey. It's such a difficult relationship that they will both go crazy or come at each other.

Tiger-Rooster Compatibility

There will be many misunderstandings between a Tiger and a Rooster, which will give their relationship many trials. Unless both of them can communicate, they don't stand a chance.

Tiger-Dog Compatibility

The Tiger and the Dog admire and respect each other. A successful team in business and a durable couple in sentimental relationships.

Tiger-Pig Compatibility

A harmonious partnership with high chances for the Tiger and the Pig to have a good life together. A strong relation that relies on true friendship and shared interests.

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