Year of the Ox

Earthly Branch (animal):chou
Wu Xing (element):tu (earth)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Capricorn

Personality of the Ox

The Rat enjoys all pleasures of life and likes refined food and good wine. He is curious by nature about anything and he spots any chance of getting The Ox believes that more haste means less speed. He lives his life with determination and common sense. The Ox loves nature and work in the open air, he observes traditions and he is a thoughtful person who looks for quiet places.

You can rely on the Ox's stability, as well as on his inner strength. The Ox is altruistic, loyal, honest, faithful and upstanding.

The Ox usually hides his feelings, especially when he is in love lest he should be rejected. Loneliness doesn't bother the Ox and he would rather spend his nights in a cozy cottage at the countryside rather than in a crowded cafe.

The Ox is not quite diplomat, on the contrary, he is a little too straightforward: he is very sincere, he tells it as it is, without hesitation. If an Ox is attacked, he fights back immediately - just as an ox, ready to bunt.

The ones hurting an Ox as well as the ones close to him have to be careful: the Ox holds a grudge for a long time - even too long - and he never forgets a face or a name. People born in the year of the Ox always avenge themselves, even after years and years.

One thing is clear: the Ox is not a good loser and he can't stand failure.

The Ox: Work and Money

The Ox has a great working capacity, apparently without effort.

The Ox is a rational person. He faces problems directly, abruptly, and the solutions he finds are not always the simplest ones.

The Ox inspires trust because he is a man of his word and he is respected due to his honesty and self-control.

The Ox handles business very well and he always reaches his goals, even if this takes longer than he expected. His patience has no limits.

The Ox is moderate and he always knows how much money he has. He worked hard for everything he has and he doesn't intend to waste anything. The Ox makes investments in land, real estate and sustainable assets, and he does not spend on trifles.

The Ox provides his family with a relatively comfortable living, but he is hardly ever convinced to take them out because that means expenses. The Ox can live on very little and he plans his money carefully. The Ox is a family person that likes to make a pile, to have a nice home.

The Ox: Love Horoscope

In love as in everything else, the Ox's motto is 'slowly but surely'. The Ox loves pleasure but he doesn't get involved too easily. If there is nobody to woo him, the Ox has all the chances to remain single.

Passion and fervent declarations don't come in handy for the Ox. He likes building a relationship slowly, step by step, getting to know the person very well and learning to appreciate them.

To win an Ox's heart, you have to win his trust, to love nature, to be very tender and not to grumble about sleeping on the floor.

Ox Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Ox gets along wonderfully with the Rooster and the Snake, but he'll never be friends with the Goat.

Here are the Ox's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Ox-Rat Compatibility

It can be a wonderful love affair, in which physical attraction will be intense, but a marriage would be a disaster. There will always be admiration and respect between an Ox and a Rat.

Ox-Ox Compatibility

A solid and steady relationship, but rather dull.

Ox-Tiger Compatibility

The Chinese say that there is no worse combination than this one. The Ox and the Tiger feel a mutual attraction but their personalities will most surely collide, and they have all the chances to end up badly.

Ox-Rabbit Compatibility

The Ox and the Rabbit are both too soft for a possible business relationship to go well but they can have a good peaceful marriage.

Ox-Dragon Compatibility

Although there is attraction at first sight, the Ox and the Dragon are so stubborn that their relationship won't last too long. Neither of them is willing to give up.

Ox-Snake Compatibility

A wonderful union: harmony, love and understanding. The Ox and the Snake understand each other without words.

Ox-Horse Compatibility

A relationship in which conflicts are always on the map. The Ox and the Horse get along much better as business partners than they do romantically.

Ox-Goat Compatibility

Although the Ox and the Goat feel a certain attraction to each other, their relationship has no future. They have almost nothing in common, neither sentimentally, nor intellectually.

Ox-Monkey Compatibility

The Ox and the Monkey are two complementary personalities. If they manage to build a relationship, they'll both have a nice and interesting life.

Ox-Rooster Compatibility

They are meant for each other. The Rooster and the Ox will have a life full of sex and passion, without a moment of boredom.


Ox-Dog Compatibility

Although such a relationship is not out of the question, the Ox and the Dog have too little in common and they won't feel good together. They'd better not try it.

Ox-Pig Compatibility

Because of the strong physical attraction and shared overview, the relationship between the Ox and the Pig is worth trying. With a little luck, they can cohabit harmoniously.

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