Year of the Rooster

Earthly Branch (animal):you
Wu Xing (element):jin (metal)
Counterpart in Western Astrology:Virgo

The Rooster: Work and Money

The Rooster is a rational person, always focused on numbers. He's a peerless organizer and a very convincing speaker. These qualities make the Rooster a good manager, a visionary and effective leader of any group.

The Rooster likes choosing roads that have always been taken. As long as checked methods work, innovation and originality don't tempt him.

The Rooster is an expert in his field of activity and he only takes risks that he can control as he can't handle uncertainty. He is very careful and he analyses everything in detail, precisely to avoid surprises. But sometimes the Rooster's exaggerated perfectionism prevents him from acting at the right moment.

Every time he succeeds in something, the Rooster anxiously expects his superiors' acknowledgements. Nothing is more motivating to a Rooster than being commended for his achievements.

Due to his administrative talent, the Rooster is good at making good, profitable investments. On the other hand, money is no longer important when it comes to keeping his image in society. A Rooster is always dressed up, wearing shining jewels and driving cars that are all the rage. He is also familiar to grandiose dinner-parties.

The Rooster cares a lot for the image of those close to him, too, and he is generous to them. But his generosity concerns his circle of friends only, and is motivated exclusively by his desire to keep his image. The Rooster is rather cheap to the others. He generally spends carefully and he keeps a close eye on his financial situation.

The Rooster: Love Horoscope

What can you expect of a conformist, old-fashioned person? In a sentimental relationship, the Rooster wants stability, peace and equilibrium. He is not tempted to have affairs, and ardent passions are not his type.

The Rooster is not by far a comfortable partner. Although he can't stand being criticized, he notices and comments on the slightest flaw of the others. In a Rooster's house, a balance is useless: he will notice with precision every extra pound that his partner has put on.

The Rooster is as jealous as he is exacting. It only takes a look of the partner at another person to start a fight.

To seduce a Rooster, you have to constantly tell him that he is irresistible, to take care of him and satisfy all his wishes. Besides that, you have to be willing to accompany your Rooster when going out to meetings or just paying visits.

Rooster Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Rooster gets along best with the Ox and the Snake. (S)He'd better not meet the Rabbit.

The Rooster's compatibilities with each sign in particular:

Rooster-Rat Compatibility

A relationship in which love would be suffocated by conflicts. For the Rooster and the Rat to cohabit, they should 'bring together' too many differences.

Rooster-Ox Compatibility

They are a perfect match. The Rooster and the Ox will have a life full of passion and sex, without a moment of boredom.

Rooster-Tiger Compatibility

There will be a lot of misunderstandings between the Rooster and the Tiger that will endanger their relationship. They only have a chance if they are capable of communicating.

Rooster-Rabbit Compatibility

Completely different from all points of view, the Rooster and the Rabbit have absolutely no ground on which to build a relationship.

Rooster-Dragon Compatibility

The Rooster and the Dragon are two selfish people that make a nice and interesting couple. They look good together but their personalities will finally collide.

Rooster-Snake Compatibility

Friends or lovers, the Rooster and the Snake will understand wonderfully.

Rooster-Horse Compatibility

The Rooster and the Horse make a good pair. But they both have to temper their desire to dominate otherwise arguments will affect their love.

Rooster-Goat Compatibility

There will always be problems between a Rooster and a Goat. They will find it hard to solve all of them, and every mistake makes things worse.

Rooster-Monkey Compatibility

There can hardly be any attraction between a Rooster and a Monkey. It wouldn't lead anywhere, anyway.

Rooster-Rooster Compatibility

In a house, one authoritative person can be too much sometimes. With two Roosters in the same cottage, problems will soon appear.

Rooster-Dog Compatibility

The Rooster and the Dog have almost nothing in common, so it is highly unlikely for them to have a relationship.

Rooster-Pig Compatibility

Despite the differences between them and their different opinions, the Rooster and the Pig can have an excellent life together. It will take just a little effort and patience.

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